“Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. Now perfect isn’t the best word to use when talking about golf, but you can have perfect intentions when you practice.  Most people practice without a goal in mind and are simply just searching for some feeling that they think they can take on the course.  If they hit a bad shot they immediately change something without any thought to what they are trying to accomplish. To have perfect practice you need to have a specific focus.  The practice that leads to growth demands high intensity and complete focus, and therefore should be somewhat short in duration. Every minute of your practice should have a purpose.  For example spend 15 minutes focusing on getting the ball to start on line.  Go through your entire routine for each shot.   Hit different clubs, and track your results.  In 15 minutes with your complete routine you might hit 30 balls.  Count the ones that started where you want as “Gold” and the ones that didn’t as “Black”.  If you can’t start the majority of your shots on line then you know what you need to work on with your coach.  Good Luck!!  Coach Keith

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